Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a place for my child?

We would highly recommend a visit to the Nursery School to see first hand what we offer, which can be arranged by contacting our School Office Manager, Emma on 01926 335312. If you would like to submit an application, then you can complete and return an Application Form for Whitnash Nursery School by email to

How will you settle my child when they start at Nursery?

Settling in is a crucial period for a young child and it has repercussions for the rest of their lives and on their ability to form long-lasting relationships. This is why we use great sensitivity and care and the subsequent benefits are huge.
Before your child starts with us we carry out a home visit, so that their Colour Group Leader can spend approximately 15-20 minutes with you and your child to allow you to get to know each other before starting school.

You will then be invited to attend a short ‘Stay and Play Session’, which we ask you to accompany your child to in order to allow them to become familiar with the setting with you close by. After this, your child can stay for another short session with or without an adult, depending on how settled they are.
Once this initial settling in process is complete, your child will then build their weekly sessions in consultation with their Colour Group Leader, according to their needs and, where applicable, your work commitments. This will be discussed individually with you in more detail at your home visit.

This phased induction process is so the children can settle, get to know their Colour Group Leader and gain confidence.  The phased process may mean leaving your child for short periods of time to begin with.  We take a gradual and individual approach as research tells us that this initial support and care in settling will have huge benefits to future transitions throughout your child’s school career, and indeed the rest of their lives.

It is vital that we work together with our parents/carers to accommodate individual needs to ensure the transition from home to nursery is a happy and smooth one.

What should my child wear?

Any comfortable and practical clothing is fine – just remember that children are encouraged to dress and undress themselves if required so please avoid clothing with complicated buttons or zips that might cause your child difficulty when using the toilet, for instance.

All clothing should be clearly labelled – including coats, hats and scarves.

How will you let me know what’s going on in Nursery?

There is a ‘parents noticeboard’ in the main entrance hall where we give information about the activities your child has been taking part in throughout the nursery. The School also produces a monthly newsletter with news, dates for your diaries, reminders, and general information.

How does lunch club work and what food can my child have?

Lunch club takes place between 11.30 – 12.30pm daily, the children are split into two groups, both of which are given half an hour to eat their packed lunches together before, or after playtime. The lunch club environment includes table clothed tables and chairs, with plastic plates provided for children to decant their lunch onto, and dedicated members of staff who sit and eat lunch with the children. This helps encourage the children to become ‘independent eaters’.

We ask that parents/carers provide a cold packed lunch in accordance with our Lunch Club & No Nuts guidance. Packed lunches are stored in refrigerators on site.

Does it matter who I send to collect my child?

For security reasons we will not allow your child to be taken home by anybody else unless you have notified us and given your permission in person, or by telephone.
Please note that this includes being collected by mums of other pupils and by grandparents! We understand that you may not always know well in advance, but please give us a call to let us know if your circumstances change. We have these measures in place for the protection of your children.

What happens if my child has an accident?

At all times our staff act in the best interests of the children. If a child does have an accident our qualified First Aider will handle the situation. We will keep a record of all accidents and inform you either immediately or when you collect your child at the end of the session depending on the severity of the incident.
There is a detailed Health & Safety Policy document in the office that can be viewed on request.
As with all Local Authority primary schools and nurseries, the School has no personal accident insurance for pupils, so cover would need to arranged personally if you feel it is required.

What should I do if my child is ill or absent?

If your child is ill or will be absent for any reason, please inform the office as soon as possible. There is a holiday form in the office that needs to be completed if you plan to take your child out of nursery during term time.
We need to be made aware of infectious diseases such as chicken pox and rubella/German measles so that we can notify other parents of the risk their child may have been in contact with the disease.
If your child has an upset stomach or sickness, please leave a full 48 hours from the last symptoms before returning to nursery to avoid passing on to other children.

What if I am unexpectedly late for collecting my child?

Unexpected events sometimes happen and children are late being collected. Should you be running late for any reason, please call the office on 01926 335312 as soon as you can so that we can pass on a message to your child to explain and reassure them that arrangements have been made for their collection.

Can my child bring their own toys to nursery?

Please do not allow children to bring their own toys and games. Personal belongings often cause unnecessary conflict and upset so it is best to leave them at home – where they will be waiting for the child when they finish nursery.
If your child has a particular attachment to a soft toy or comforter, for example, that would cause distress to leave at home, please let us know so we can help. Special belongings may be kept in your child’s bag – or you can ask us to keep it in the office during sessions. Please be aware, however, that if it comes into the nursery there is always a risk that it may be lost or accidentally ‘rehomed’.

What should I do if my circumstances change?

Please let us know as soon as possible if your circumstances change for any reason so we can ensure all our contact information is up to date, and can help your child through any changes in their life.
This includes moving house, changing emergency contact details, new mobile phone numbers and so on. It also helps us to support your child if you inform us of any changes to personal circumstances that could be affecting them, such as a death in the family or parental separation. Anything you tell us is, of course, confidential and only shared with relevant staff.

What are the nursery’s expectations of behaviour?

We expect the children to show respect for adults and one another, be kind and thoughtful to others and to resolve disagreements by talking to each other.
The staff play a very important role in the teaching of how to achieve these expectations – and act as role models themselves by handling any incidents quietly, calmly and positively.
We make every effort to reward and encourage good behaviour through praise and acknowledgment to promote positive behavioural attitudes.

What if the School has to close unexpectedly?

In the event of an emergency that causes the school to close unexpectedly we use the Warwickshire County Council’s school closure text alert service to notify parents. You can use this service for any Local Authority school or nursery and need to subscribe to the service each academic year.
To sign up for this free service, visit